Date: 2011

Happy Valley Park and Ride
Phoenix, AZ

Commissioning Agency:
Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture

Project Manger:
Rebecca Rothman

Powder coated steel shade structures, railings, and bus shelter and landscape design.

Shade screen:
13 ft x 64 ft x 5 ft

Magnum Industries

Landscape Architect:
Janet Waibel

A plaza on the outskirts of Phoenix gives riders a comfortable place to wait for buses. Working with the project's design team, I developed a large outdoor plaza for people waiting for buses into Phoenix. The design includes large-scale shade screens, decorative railings, and seating. The main shade screen provides shade and seating for passengers, and creates a grand entry into the site. The cut-steel screens and railings feature stylized images of routes down out of the surrounding foothills, into the traffic interchanges that can be seen from the site. The artwork’s title comes the song by Supertramp.

The cut-metal designs in these panels look a bit like woodcuts, but the design was mostly driven by safety and physical constraints of working in metal in a public space: Edges have to be smooth so they don’t point or catch, connections have to be wide enough so they won’t bend or break, holes have to be small enough to be safe for small children, the design should discourage climbing, and detailed enough to discourage graffiti. Figuring out a design vocabulary within these parameters—how to draw cars and faces and skies with smooth and connecting lines—leads to the look of the panels. Each time I design another piece, I learn more about what is possible in this medium.