Date: 2013

4th Avenue Streetcar Station
Tucson, AZ

Commissioning Agency:
Tucson/Pima Arts Council

Project Manager:
Mary Ellen Wooten

Lithomosaic platform and cut steel seat backs, panels, and trash receptacles.
Lithomosaic: 8 ft wide x 45 ft long

Lithomosaic installed by Progressive Hardscapes

Tile Assistant:
Mona Higuchi

Collaboration with Pete Goldlust.

Our aim for the piece was to help the station blend with the festive, colorful atmosphere of 4th Avenue. Bold colors and biomorphic forms of flowers, cactus, bugs, and fruits enliven the station with playful references to the desert and 4th Avenue’s eclectic culture.

The artwork is comprised of two parts: The station furniture (seats, shade panels, trash can and columns) are covered with cut-metal panels featuring a wide swath of dancing forms filled with fun details to be discovered. The station platform has been turned into colorful Lithomosaic mural of psychedelic cactus forms. The two parts work together to make the platform a bright, fun island in the middle of 4th Avenue.