Date: 2003

MetroCenter Levee Greenway, Nashville, TN

Commissioning Agency:
Metro Nashville Arts Commission

Project Manager:
Sandra Duncan

Cast concrete flood wall,
5 ft x 150 ft.,
Tubular steel and chain-link tunnel,
80 ft x 12 ft x 12 ft,
pavement patters, powder-coated steel railings.

As part of the design team for a new 3-mile jogging path capping a levee in Nashville, TN, I worked with the Army Corps of Engineers and a local landscape architecture firm to incorporate art into floodwalls, fencing, railings, and paving along the trail that overlooks the Cumberland River. The project features both bold, sculptural forms to be experienced by bikers and subtle graphic elements that to be discovered and enjoyed by visitors eating lunch or strolling along the river.