Date: 2013

Arroyo Chico Park
Tucson, AZ

Commissioning Agency:
Tucson/Pima Arts Council

Project Manager:
Sally Krommes

Handmade tile on eight cast concrete bases

Concrete Designs, Inc., Metalphysic, and Dwayne Arnspiger

A.T. Willett

Collaboration with Dwayne Arnspiger.

Sculptural, cast-concrete tuffets form the bases for eight different hand-made ceramic tile mosaics. Each mosaic presents a different scene of native wildlife in the environment of the Arroyo Chico area, with humans in the background, watching the activity.

The tuffet forms disappear into the beautiful park surroundings, echoing the form of an abstract succulent and the color of the desert. The tiles on top are a splash of color and pattern, illustrating scenes of desert animals in the arroyo. The scenes are filled with details specific to the park, including native plants and flowers, cityscapes, views of the Rincons and Catalinas, and people on BMX bikes, exploring the park paths, having picnics, and chasing butterflies.