Date: 2010

Highway 287 Underpass, Loveland, CO

Commissioning Agency:
Loveland Public Art

Project Manager:
Janet Meisel-Burns

Cast concrete retaining walls,
16 ft x 80 ft, 16 ft x 300 ft

Collaboration with Pete Goldlust.

The artwork forms a continuous, non-repeating band of swirling, cartoon-like imagery across a span of over 4,000 square feet. This expansive work is populated by a menagerie of whimsical birds, bugs, and assorted other imaginary creatures that fly, hop, crawl and peek out from a field of playfully odd, swaying plants. The art piece wraps around a series of retaining walls that frame the new section of pedestrian and bicycle path. The imagery unfolds for viewers as they pass into and out of an underground pathway, suggesting entry into an elaborate children’s book illustration.